Stem cells help to drive the healing process in all parts of the body. They are unique because they regenerate and produce specialized cell types, depending on what type of cells are needed, including skin, bones, cartilage, muscles, nerves, and other tissues. Found in almost all tissues of the body, stem cells are often buried deep and appear to look similar to the surrounding cells. However, since the discovery of stem cells in teeth, doctors have a new accessible and available source of stem cells.

Living stem cells can be found within extracted wisdom teeth, baby teeth, and even permanent teeth. In the past, these cells would have been discarded, but not with today’s knowledge and technology. Today, Dr. Jeremy Hixson is pleased to provide patients with the opportunity to save these cells for future use in developing medical treatments for themselves and their family. Dental stem cells offer major benefits, and using one’s own or a relative’s stem cells as part of a medical procedure can create a lower risk of the body rejecting the cells.

You can experience advanced treatment and improved recovery with the use of stem cells during your oral surgery in Eagle, Idaho. Please call us at 208-995-2865 today to learn more, and to schedule your visit at Eagle Oral Surgery Implant Center.

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